Melotron Recordings announces the physical release of a 22 minutes long cd by Some Gorgeous Accident called “Heaven Sent”

Melotron Recordings is excited to announce the physical release of a 22 minutes long cd  by Some Gorgeous Accident* aiming from “somewhere near the Pacific”. The cd EP is called “Heaven Sent” and it will be released officially and shipped on June the 4th. It contains 5 previously unreleased tracks.
An excellent/must hear for fans of the modern shoegaze sound with lush dreamy melodies and vocals.
The limited edition cd EP is available through the bandcamp site here. 100 copies in total, 20 of them will be specially packaged as always. In case you have questions feel free to reply to this email and we will do our best to satisfy you. Please connect with us and with the band from the links below. Cheers for the support!

*Some Gorgeous Accident took place, well, not in Pinkneys Green. Pehaps say, somewhere near the Pacific. Sometime around 2006 or 2007. Maybe even before that. It’s difficult to accurately pinpoint the band’s inception because its formation in fact, was accidental. That beautiful happenstance resulted in a cassette EP entitled Winter In Watercolors released by one of Italy’s best kept secret tape labels, Best Kept Secret.
Some Gorgeous Accident returned in 2011 with an online mini-album, Imaginary Lines which Pierreism called “a simmering lull of shoegaze”. Thus began the collaborative methods between Dale and a few of his friends from bands like Outerhope, Silver Screen and Jenny Arson. These interconnections proved worthwhile producing a couple of EPs, mini-albums and compilation appearances. Fast forward to 2017, Some Gorgeous Accident is nearing its final stages as a band and as a project with a collection of collaborative efforts scheduled to be released before the year ends.